The Grabb Sales is a member of the Grabb family and is applicable to all industries. It helps you and your team to unequivocally increase sales performance and customer satisfaction.


Provide AI-powered tools for your sales representatives that inform them of products/services the customer in front of them is most likely to want to buy

Motivate your people to give their 100% using management by objectives

Ensure a good coverage of the clients/prospects of your territories

Standardize the work of your sales representatives

Overview of Grabb Sales

Description of key modules of Grabb Sales

Effort and required results configurator™:

Setting periodic objectives for sales efforts and sales results can be laborious if you do not have a computerized support.  For example, if you wish to granularly configure the sales objectives by category of product, for each month, for each of your sales representatives, it can be long and fastidious if done manually.

Likewise, if you wish to set specific sales objectives for a number of important customers or for customers with high potential, the effort and required results configurator™ will help you to complete this planning task in a few minutes and much more!

Rapack™ simpleCRM™:

The Rapack™ simpleCRM™ is a mini-CRM, seamlessly integrated into the Grabb system, that can be highly useful in the following cases:

1) Your sales cycle could be considered short or medium.
2) You already have a CRM but its implementation has not been a success.  There is a lack of adoption and lack of “buy-in” from your sales force.
3) You are looking for a simple and low-cost CRM that will save your sales reps a lot of time and whose adoption won’t be a problem.
4) Your reps are currently filling activity reports but you are observing many issues with this approach (waste of time in filling the reports, erroneous data entered, lack of buy-in, laborious compilation, etc.).


Calculation and AI processing platform:

To present to the end-user lists of clear suggested actions, that are highly effective to customer satisfaction, a high amount of calculation and AI processing must be performed in the back-end. This is the key module responsible for this functionality.

Over time the Grabb AI learns about the preferences of your team and the specificities your industry and provides ever more effective suggestions.

Our team of AI researchers are adding every semester new types of actionable recommendations that are designed to be useful for SMBs and independents.

The unityPerformance™ decisive action viewer and feedback suite:

This set of reports and management dashboards have ADEPT
qualities allowing your people to work in a way that is more systematic, more efficient, more performant and with a greater alignment between the sales force and the executive team.

Your sales force will be mobilized and will increase its performance a notch every year if you:

1) Set objectives in a cooperative manner with your people using the effort and required results configurator™ in order to achieve 100% buy-in.

2) Give them tools to plan their week and reduce the time they spend doing “administrative” tasks.

3) Provide them with reports that are simple-to-use, that alert them on which important customers are in the process of going over to a competitor, that show them where the pockets of opportunities are, that tell them what conversation points, of strong consequence, could be used with the customer that is in front of them, etc.

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