The Grabb Operations is a member of the Grabb family with functionalities specific to the operations department. It helps your team in filling the pipeline of work and allocate resources efficiently.


Provide AI-powered tools for your advisors to know which customers would most likely be open to bringing their car in for maintenance or which worker would most efficiently complete a work-order at hand.

Keep a high and sustained pace of production

Allows your people to quickly find the “why” when there is a lack of performance

Communicate to and internalize in your people the most critical aspects of their performance


Further, by using Grabb Operations with a pro-active manager, you’ll be able to:

Plan productivity objectives specifically in time (continuous improvement) and granularly per team member or per production line

Show your people how their contributions affect the team’s performance

Show your people how their creative feed-back helps the team perform better

Implement a healthy competition so that your people are happy of their work and give their 100%

Put in place a reward program to further incentivize and say thanks to your people


The Grabb Operation is known for its ADEPT qualities, which are particularly important in operations in order to help our people perform at the next level.


Description of modules specific to Grabb OPERATIONS

Customer satisfaction configurator

In all teams, there are star performers and there are employees who have challenges.

The results that you want:

  • Your stars maintain their level of performance
  • Your average performers get closer to the level of the stars
  • Your employees who have difficulties improve gradually every month

The results that you want:

  • Your stars feel a pressure to not perform more than the group average
  • Your average performers get closer to the level of the stars
  • Your employees who have difficulties are too discouraged by the level of performance expected of them

By the only fact that the above points are reached, the impact on the profitability and competiveness of your enterprise will be evident.  The customer satisfaction configurator will let you to fix reference points (objectives) in a granular manner (per employees, per production line, per time period) which will support the achievement of these results.

Calculation and AI processing platform:

To present to the end-user lists of clear suggested actions, that are highly effective to customer satisfaction, a high amount of calculation and AI processing must be performed in the back-end. This is the key module responsible for this functionality.

Over time the Grabb AI learns about the preferences of your team and the specificities your industry and provides ever more effective suggestions.

Our team of AI researchers are adding every semester new types of actionable recommendations that are designed to be useful for SMBs and independents.

Real-time updates + advanced calculation/processing:

Real-time functionalities are critical for operations management tools.  In a production environment, to correct a productivity and/or performance weakness in the same shift/day is a lot easier than to try to double your efforts the following week because you performed badly the week before.

easyProgress™ increased-customer-visit viewer and feedback suite

This set of views have ADEPT qualities and is designed to promote immediate actions and continuous improvement in your operations. These tools are the last phase needed to yield the results described in the section “customer satisfaction configurator”.

This suite has reports that goes from very graphical management dashboards to more detailed reports that help your people isolate problematics.  There are also trends over time graphics to better understand the progress of each of your team members.

Giant Productivity™ Screen module:

At Grabb, we focus on providing tools that are simple and effortless to use.  In a production environment, we observe a high utility and a keen interest in displaying management dashboards on giant screens for employees.  If implemented correctly, your employees will be more engaged and a healthy competition atmosphere will be created.


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