The Grabb Sales (distribution) is a member of the Grabb family with functionalities specific to the operations department. It helps you and your team to unequivocally increase sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Helps you resolve typical problematics in sales management. You’ll be able to:

Normalize (i.e. standardize) the sales data from all distributors that do business with your company (allows for comparison of apples with apples)

Configure quickly, and with granularity, the advanced rebates/reimbursements parameters (gives you a strong competitive edge to incentivize each customer/store to have greater and greater sales volume with your company)

Calculate and generate, simply and robustly, the rebate/professional allocations reports to provide to your customers

Give powerful AI-powered competitive intelligence tools to your sales reps for when they are in front of a customer or inside a store (tools that inform them about the pockets of opportunities, about the important points of conversation possible with this client, etc.)

Overview of Grabb Sales (distribution):

Description of modules specific to Grabb Sales (distribution)

Grabb Cruncher™:

If you do business with one or more distributors who deliver your products to your customers, you’ve probably observed multiple problematics related to the sales data that they provide you.  Here are a few examples of these problematics:

1) For the same clients, the client codes vary from distributors to distributors.

2) At a particular distributor, a same client can have different client codes from one month to the next.

3) At a particular distributor, a client code (e.g. based on the address of the store) remains unchanged even though the store has changed owners (i.e. sales should be aggregated under a new account).

The Grabb Cruncher™ is a module that permits the normalization/standardization of the sales data that you receive from your distributors and resolves all related problematics.   These problematics greatly reduce the utility of the sales data (it will be impossible to use the data on a more granular level).

Dynamic-pricing and rebate/professional allocation configurator™:

In many industries, finding competitive advantages for your enterprise is becoming harder and harder.  Experienced business leaders know that it’s important to avoid falling in the pitfall of giving rebates on a wholesale scale and to enter into protracted price wars

The solution is to give rebates/reimbursement, and incentives, strategically and with and a great level of granularity.  For example, only give particular rebates, on particular product family, for particular months, and only for specific territories/stores/groups/clients where the competitors are making inroads.  No matter your strategic vision or the tactics that your sales reps would like to implement, it will be possible to do so effortlessly with the advanced rebate/reimbursement configurator.

Grabb Calculator™:

Implementing your shrewdest and most subtle rebates/reimbursements/incentives strategies and tactics requires very complex calculations.  Here are two examples of rebate rules that would require advanced calculations:

1) A customer is part of a group of customers that have negotiated an agreement of group cumulative purchasing, with a % of rebate/reimbursement on a scale that increases with the purchasing of the group as a whole.
2) A new customer that obtains an introductory rebate for the next three months but we must avoid giving this rebate, on a particular product line that your company has a pronounced competitive advantage in, if it is above the specific rebate ceiling of this product line.
Decide on the strategies and tactics that you wish to implement and the Grabb Calculator™ will take care to handling all the calculations automatically and with a peerless reliability.

AI powered market-share-gaining™ suite:

To increase your market share as a whole, one of the most indisputable method is to gain market shares store-by-store, door-by-door, at each of your customer

After having used the Grabb Cruncher™ we obtain sales data that is reliable and granular.  We now know exactly what each client/store has bought and when they have bought it.  The Grabb Calculator™ will inform us the level of sales of the client’s group, his current level of rebate, the value of extra reimbursement that he’ll obtain if he reaches the next level of rebate, etc.

With all this data and information, the AI powered market-share-gaining suite™ suite will provide your people, at their fingertips, information on the client who is in front of them, such as:
1) Where are the pockets of opportunities (e.g. which product lines they are not yet buying from your company but really should)
2) From where, exactly, competitors are eroding market shares
3) Suggestions of important points of conversation possible with this client (e.g. extra reimbursement the customer will receive if he reaches the next level of purchase, the list of all the expenditures and gifts that were given to his group versus the purchases obtained to date, etc.)

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